A Special Otazu Gift Box

A Special Otazu Gift Box

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At Otazu we think everyone should treat themselves or someone else every once in a while. That’s why this giftbox is full of specially selected items.

The giftbox contains of the following products:

  • Otazu Silver Clutch €25
  • Majestic Blue Solitaire Earrings €25
  • Nailpolish Pink €12,95
  • Rosé Golden Sand Earrings €15
  • Crystal Waterfall Earpins €40
  • Laya Necklace €105
  • Alice Crystal Silver Bracelet €60


The box has a total price of €282,95 but now you can buy it for only €59!

Every item is handmade in Europe with love.


In stock

Adorned with Crystals from Swarvoski
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The Otazu Gift Box is full of special items. At Otazu we think you should treat yourself or someone else every once in a while!

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