We believe that with quality comes responsibility and awareness.


At Rodrigo Otazu, we strive to develop a way of life and work we can be proud of and, like our jewelry, pass on to the next generations.

Every sustainable step is a step forward. That is why, since the beginning of our adventure, we implemented a few things we trust in.


  • Sustainable Production

Producing our jewelry in The Czech Republic was an ethical decision. It allows us to participate in the building of a fair life and career for European workers. Our production facility is fully committed to promote gender equality, women and men work in a fair, equal and decent work environment.

In addition, the localization of our suppliers helped us reduce our carbon footprint over the years. Your jewelry will not be traveling the whole world before coming to your house.

When you buy high quality products that last a lifetime you enjoy the jewelry for a long time and have the chance to pass it on to the next generation.

Jewelry that is made with locally sourced materials, packed as efficient as possible will lasts as long as you take good care of it.


  • Responsible printing:

All over the world, print waste is a problem in many offices. This is not only about the economic cost or the inefficiency of an over-printing method, but mostly about the impact on the environment.

In our office, every employee is aware of this problem. The greenest paper is no paper at all. That is why we decided to digitize most of the documents needed in the ordering, sending and communication process.

If we need to print something after all, a few steps are taken into account: thinking about the usefulness of the printed version of documents, reducing the margin, the font of our documents, printing on both sides, printing only in black and white or reusing paper, etc. Those steps are simple and obvious for us, but it helps us to drastically reduce paper waste, raise awareness, efficiency and responsibility.


  • Waste Management:

For every sale, events or everyday tasks, we aspire to use only recycled or recyclable materials. We try to reuse every piece of material from the cardboard box in which we received material, to the sale’s display on which we present our pieces in our point of sale, to the bubble wrap we use to protect the crystals on our jewelry.

Concerning our waste disposal, it should be a no-brainer: Waste sorting and plastic recycling. Even if we try to minimize it, very small waste from the order sent to our customers, to the lunch we have at the office is sorted and recycled.


  • Reducing our impact on the Environment:

To all of the previous measures put in place is added a few others in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Everyone in our office decided to wear a sweatshirt instead of turning on the heat and to turn off electronics and lighting every evening. Those decisions are keeping us from wasting energy and money.

We encourage employees to use public transports or carpooling with colleagues whenever possible to save energy, time and money.

Going green is also taken literally at our workplace. A few plants in the office are improving our employees indoor air quality and bring some nature into the office environment just as maximizing the natural light.

Moreover, all of the bathrooms and kitchen in our office are equipped with low-flow toilets and faucets to reduce our water usage.

It might be evident, but providing our office with a coffee machine, microwave and reusable dishes prevent employee from using unrecyclable “to go” lunch or coffee. It encourages people to bring their lunch from home and drink coffee in an eco-friendly way.

And the company car is of course an electric car!



Every little change in our way of life and work can be a huge change on our impact on the environment but also the society we live in.