March 2015, the most expensive Cheese slicer in the world, with a value of 25.000,- euro, was stolen from the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. As there is still no trace of the slicer, Otazu surprised Martijn Bos, CEO at Boska Holland, with a brand new cheese slicer this Monday. The new cheese slicer is covered in Crystals From Swarovski. Martijn Bos was grateful, and most of all happy, with this unique present. The sparkling slicer is a perfect icon of Boska Holland’s aim to spread the love for eating cheese all over the world. Martijn Bos: ‘We greatly appreciate this kind gesture from Otazu.’ The new cheese slicer will be on display in the Amsterdam Cheese Museum soon. Make sure to stop by when you visit Amsterdam to marvel at this brilliant piece of Otazu art.