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Waterfall Earclips
Waterfall Earclips

Rodrigo Otazu Couture

Waterfall Earclips

$ 281,-
The Waterfall Earclips have been renewed for the autumn/winter couture collection Brumalia. Inspired by midwinter and the return of light, these colors symbolize the warmth of the first rays of sunshine. The earclips are set with Siam, Crystal Aurore Boreale and Black Diamond Swarovski crystals and are finished with 24-carat gold. It measures 80x30 mm. Handmade in Europe, with love.
  • SKUBRM145775
  • EAN138718867002830
  • FarbeRot
  • Größe Size Free
  • MaterialBijoux
  • SteinartKristalle von Swarovski
  • ZweitfarbeGold
  • Überzugfarbe24 Ct. Gold
  • Lieferzeit 1-2 Werktage
Waterfall Earclips