Otazu’s Creative Director, Helena: ‘Part of the joy of creating jewelry for me, is finding new ways to inspire the women who wear it. The opportunity, to work with Pink Ribbon and provide encouragement for the moms, sisters, grandmothers, wives and friends that have been touched by breast cancer, is a privilege. In this case, I am fortunate enough to be getting my inspiration from them and I hope that everyone that wears this bracelet can feel that – they are my muses.’


Tülin Şahin is a native Turkish woman who grew up in beautiful Denmark. The top model is also a moderator besides the fashion shows.

This beautiful model has been a brand ambassador for OTAZU for some time now and presents our beautiful designs on the catwalks of this world! Our Waterfall Coralia earclips are also very impressive for the model. We love the earrings as much as Tülin!



Otazu is one of a select few labels whose art is dictated by a purely instinctual drive. This raw emotion has resulted in the creation of some of the most visually stunning jewelry collections that the modern industry has ever seen.


On Saturday March 30, 2019, the doors opened for more than 140 companies for Klokhuis fans, who will remain closed to others. Children and parents could see how things are in a company.


Lady Gaga, as one of the most famous and successful musicians of our time, is a symbol for eye-catching outfits – as eye-catching as our OTAZU designs. With her special preference for luxurious statement jewelry she also loves OTAZU. The sparkling Swarovski crystals of our necklace, earrings and ring are the eye catching detail that makes Lady Gaga’s look shine. We love her style!


Carrie and Samantha from Sex and the City are fans of OTAZU. The bright colors of the crystals and pearls have put the finishing touches to the outfits of the style icons. In the film, the actresses wear many of Rodrigo Otazu’s designs: earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

The eye-catching jewelry has managed to attract attention through the film and its actresses. Sarah Jessica Parker wears particularly sparkling jewelry here: The Tesi bracelet with tanzanite crystals from Swarovski and a 24 ct gold plating and an extravagant statement necklace made of pearls and with a Swarovski crystal in the middle.


One of the most successful, influential and beautiful women, Beyoncé Knowles Carter is in love with our designs. The singer wears breathtaking sparkling earrings by Rodrigo Otazu and makes a statement. The crystals from Swarovski shine particularly brightly in their beauty. We love her!

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Rodrigo Otazu designed special earrings for Mariah Carey. The pop singer wore the sparkling earrings during her Christmas tours through Europe. Every year Rodrigo Otazu and Mariah Carey started a new collaboration and we are proud to see the sparkling earrings on her ears!


Kendall Jenner probably belongs to the most famous family of our time – the Kardashians. The beautiful model and her sister Kylie Jenner are a role model for many young women in the world.

Kendall Jenner has appeared on many shows of famous brands, including Givenchy and Chanel, and was featured on many magazine covers.  In addition to her very good taste for stylish outfits, Kendall likes to wear OTAZU jewelry. The statement bracelet attracts everyone’s attention and gives her outfit a breathtaking touch.


The moderator and model Sylvie Meis is especially well known in the Netherlands – the country of origin of OTAZU. Due to her various performances in television shows and her partly self-designed dessou collection for Hunkemöller, the beautiful moderator caused a sensation not only in the Netherlands.

With some OTAZU jewelry Sylvie gives her outfit that special extra at shootings and interviews. The statement necklace with Swarovski crystals is especially sparkling through the beautiful hairstyle. We love it!

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Tülin Şahin is a native Turkish woman who grew up in beautiful Denmark. The top model is also a moderator besides the fashion shows.

This beautiful model has been a brand ambassador for OTAZU for some time now and presents our beautiful designs on the catwalks of this world! Our Waterfall Coralia earclips are also very impressive for the model. We love the earrings as much as Tülin!


The Czech supermodel Karolína Kurková is probably a familiar name for everyone who loves the fashion world and Victoria’s Secret. The beautiful model has become world-famous as an angel through the fashion show at the latest.

On the red carpets of this world Karolína presents herself with our OTAZU jewelry. The Czech combines her shiny outfit with a conspicuous necklace and a stunning bracelet.

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The Syrian singer Assala Nasri is not only enthusiastic about her music, but also convinces fans with her own TV program. The beautiful mother of 4 children wears our beautiful OTAZU hair ornaments at one of her performances.

Her stunning dress fits perfectly with the sparkling Swarovski crystals. The sparkle of the crystals in the headlights allows all their fans to admire the jewelry.


Britney Spears is a pop singer who has enjoyed international success especially in her younger years. With her numerous albums, the singer has won many music prizes.

Even today she is still on stage performing in spectacular outfits in Las Vegas. Through our especially breathtaking OTAZU designs the beautiful singer shines even more. The state chain attracts all eyes and paparazzi … 

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Australian model Jennifer Hawkins is famous for her numerous advertising campaigns and moderator jobs. Jennifer Hawkins was the face for face care brands and adorned several covers. 

The winner of Miss Australia and Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins adorns herself with a wonderful OTAZU design. The sparkling necklace with Swarovski crystals shines particularly brightly in the advertising campaign and leaves nothing to be desired.


The singer Shakira convinced especially in the 2000s with her rhythmic songs and her extraordinary voice. 

Because of her roots the Colombian singer has fire in her blood and showed this with her famous hip swings in her music videos. She danced in special outfits and impressed her fans with ever new ideas. Her gorgeous outfit became a breathtaking highlight with our sparkling body chain from OTAZU.


Tyra Banks is a US-American supermodel, who also gained fame through well-known TV shows. The model was discovered at a young age and can still be seen on TV today. We are proud that the beautiful model loves our OTAZU jewelry. The pure crystals of Swarovski are especially sparkling on the brunettes and complete her outfit.


The Miss Globe winner wears stunning OTAZU jewelry. The beautiful blonde wears an OTAZU bracelet with her yellow dress, a necklace that accentuates her décolleté, and radiant chandelier earrings with Swarovski crystals. We think the winner looks charming with our OTAZU jewelry!

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We are extremely proud that our OTAZU designs are worn at various shows around the world. Miss Teen, Miss Universe and Miss USA also shine with our jewelry at the “Bette Midlers’ annual Hulaween Gala” at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

The eye-catching earrings, the body chains and the hair ornaments make for a breathtaking appearance of the three beauties. The Swarovski crystals give Kristen Dalton, Stefania Fernandez and Stormi Bree Henley a special touch.


Taraji P. Henson is a famous actress and singer. She is known today for her role in the drama series Empire. The beautiful American dresses herself with the breathtaking earrings of OTAZU during a photo shooting.

The earrings are a true statement and put everything else in the shade. The Swarovski crystals sparkle over-the-top and round off Taraji’s outfit.


The American daily soap The Bold and the Beautiful is adorned with wonderful OTAZU designs. The jewelry gives the famous actresses in their evening dresses a particularly glamorous touch.

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Angela Simmons, the daughter of the famous rapper Joseph Simmons, is a true power woman. The entrepreneur is active in the shoe business and has her own collections. The Californian has a love for exclusive jewelry and OTAZU. She wears sparkling Swarovski crystals on her wrist, which the young woman combines beautifully with her everyday outfit. We like!